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Welcome to the Lifeflow Meditation Centre
Established in 1981, The Lifeflow Meditation Centre has been providing high quality meditation and mindfulness teaching in Adelaide for over 30 years. It is one of Australia's most experienced meditation centres. With our studio in the city and our retreat centre in the Adelaide Hills we offer a large range of courses and retreats to suit all levels of experience.
Learn to meditate with LifeflowLearn to meditate – courses start 3 August
Learn simple and effective meditations and mindfulness techniques that you can use to calm your mind, relax your body and cultivate well-being.
Seven week course, each class 1½ hours long
Five courses run concurrently, starting Mon 4 August
Meditation for kidsMeditation for Children and Teens - from 4 Aug
Children and teens can learn relaxation and mindfulness skills for relieving stress, managing emotions, improving focus and performance, enhancing creativity and building kindness for themselves and others.
Free talk - find out about Lifeflow meditationFree Come and try 3 September
Here's a great way to get a taste of Lifeflow meditation and to meet one of our teachers before signing up for a course or retreat. No bookings required – just bring an enquiring attitude!

Special events . . .

Concert – Sounds of Australia – 23 August
From the stillness of the Australian landscape to the frenzy of post-war France ... Bonnie Brown (who amazed Lifeflow with her performance in 2013) returns from Paris with piano duo partner Louisa Breen and didgeridoo player Russell Smith...
The skeptical psychiatrist – a conversation with Jon Jureidini – 27 September
Join us at the Lifeflow Studio for a discussion with child psychiatrist Dr Jon Jureidini & Lifeflow Director Dr Graham Williams exploring current trends in mental health... rich and provocative experience...


Retreats. . .

richness of feelingNurturing body and mind
7 pm Friday 28 August – 11.30 am Sunday 30 August
Join us for a weekend of gentle relaxation and meditation, and learn to cook food that nourishes your heart, mind and body.
Mindfulness in actionMindfulness – right here, right now
7 pm Fri 18 September – 2 pm Sun 20 September
So much of our lives can be spent chasing some future goal … endlessly striving, but never quite getting there. While chasing some mirage, we can easily feel that life is passing us by...
Inner stillness – coming back to balance
7 pm Fri 16 October – 2 pm Sun 18 October
At the core of the mind is an intrinsic quality – the experience of stillness. We touch this every time we come into a balanced state: here we can let go of worries, the endless ruminating and...
Riding the Surfboard of LifeRiding the surfboard of life
7 pm Fri 13 November – 2 pm Sun 15 November
Meditation is not about just sitting still! Life is full of changes and meditation is a powerful tool for riding these changes skilfully...

Other news . . .

Lifeflow scholarshipsLifeflow scholarships
Are you a full-time tertiary student or Health Care Card recipient?  Love meditation, or want to try it, but a bit strapped for cash? The Lifeflow Scholarship Fund makes it much easier to experience the benefits of meditation.
Graduate Members Seminars
How do we integrate meditation theory and our practice to live conscious, full lives? Join in the discussions at our Graduate Members Seminars - four Fridays in 2015, 5.45–7 pm. Open to all members who have completed or attended at least one year of Level 4.
Relax - practical meditation training to restore yourselfDownload our Learn to Meditate flier
Includes details on Come and Try sessions, Learn to Meditate courses and Yoga. Updated each half year.
Refresh... enjoy meditation retreats at Tara HillsDownload our Retreats flier
All of the info you need for Lifeflow retreats in one flier. The flier is updated each half year.



Come and Try

3 September &
12–15 October

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Life in Balance - the Lifeflow guide to meditation

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